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Leira Hernandez - California Plant

"Working at World Emblem has been a pleasant experience, though sometimes a bit stressful, but good fellowship. WEI brings trust and understanding. I like it because I'm learning new things and I hope to learn more every day."


Sarah Wagganer - Michigan Plant

"My experience with World Emblem has been amazing thus far, not only do I love the people I work with but I've had the opportunity to learn so many different things. I love coming to work in the morning because I feel I'm making a difference. I look at WEI more than a work place as my second family."


Theresa Eggler, Sales Support Representative - Florida Offices

"I have just completed my 5th month at World Emblem and I really like the team spirit of our Customer Service/Sales Support Department. Even though I have 20 years of customer service/retail sales experience in the airline uniform industry, this is a new experience for me. There is a lot to learn and I always have questions and everyone in my department is always more than willing to take a moment to provide an answer or an explanation.

Three weeks ago my youngest son was in a bad car accident and I was amazed how kind and caring everyone was from Owners to Management as well as my department and production; I am a very family oriented person so it was at that moment I knew without a doubt that I had made the right decision in choosing World Emblem and I hope the feeling is mutual. Thanks again everyone for being so supportive!!"


Marvin Yip, Controller - Florida Offices

"Having been working here for a little while and meeting people from different departments at WEI, I realize how dynamic the workplace is. Every process of the operations is so vital to the business and everyone plays a key role in the company's success. I feel the vibe is very positive and the opportunities are vast."


William Valdiva - Florida Plant

"My experience has been very interesting during these years in the company. World Emblem has given me the opportunity to collaborate and learn many things. I like what I do and I hope to continue having the opportunity to learn more every day."