FlexStyle® Flat

A revolutionary embellishment that gives your design a shiny, 3D effect.

FlexStyle® Flat offers a 3D effect with a “flatter” appearance. Apply FlexStyle® Flat to a variety of surfaces such as fabric, glass, wood, metal, plastic and more.

FlexStyle® Flat come in metallic, non-metallic and clear finishes. Heat seal and pressure-sensitive options available.

Don’t forget your FlexStyle® Silicone Pad – this is used to protect the integrity of your FlexStyle® emblem.

Additional Information & Benefits


  • Non-textured surface
  • Shiny, smooth 3D surface
  • Comes in opaque, satin and chrome finishes


NOTE: Please check out the World Emblem YouTube Channel for step by step instructions for applying our apparel decorations.

For technical & application information please visit www.worldemblem.com/technical

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