FlexStyle® Holographic

Give your brand a visual makeover with flipping, floating, and scrolling holographic emblems with FlexStyle technology.

FlexStyle® Holographic emblems use animation to tell the story of your brand. The ability to change or move the image comes from lenticular technology, which allows your emblem to have multiple eye-catching looks when viewed from different angles.

Don’t forget your FlexStyle® Silicone Pad – this is used to protect the integrity of your FlexStyle® emblem.


The imagery and designs used in this page are intended to demonstrate the effects that can be achieved with our products and not imply that the designs have been supplied to or endorsed by their owners.

Holographic Video

Holographic Video

Additional Information & Benefits


• Flipping, Scrolling and Floating effects.

• Low Melt and Pressure Sensitive backing available.

• Multiple eye-catching looks.

NOTE: Please check out the World Emblem YouTube Channel for step by step instructions for applying our apparel decorations.

For technical & application information please visit www.worldemblem.com/technical

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