Heat Seal Strips

Save money and time by recycling your emblems with our Heat Seal Strips!

World Emblem’s Heat Seal Strips are polyurethane adhesive used to reapply emblems to garments giving you the ability to recycle emblems. We stock Heat Seal Strips in several standard sizes and are sold in boxes of 500 pieces per size.

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Top and Bottom Heat

Top Heat Only

Application Instructions

World Emblem recommends testing the best combination of heat seal parameters before applying the decoration. World Emblem is not liable for any damages to garments during the application process. If a decoration is listed as Industrial, it can also be used for domestic / home wash. Low melt, velcro and pressure sensitive backings are also available for certain products. Several embellishments may also be sewn onto apparel. For an additional charge, World Emblem offers heat seal application at several of their locations.

Place Heat Seal Strip on the garment, properly positioning the strip where the emblem will be located and place the emblem on top of the Heat Seal Strip before proceeding. For proper seal satisfaction, test before full production.

Top Temperature 425F
Bottom Temperature 425F
Pressure 80 Lbs
Time 8-10 Seconds
Wash Industrial

NOTE: Top & bottom heat presses are designed for applying patches, while top heat only heat presses are designed for applying transfers. Please check out the World Emblem YouTube Channel or our Video page for step by step instructions for applying all of our apparel decorations.