PV+ Emblems

Dimension and Flexibility

Our new PV+ Emblems are a must in your line! Customized PVC Emblems that are durable but also flexible, versatile & dimensional. Available with low melt & pressure sensitive backing to cover a wide range of decoration needs in today’s market along with flat finish. We have all your wishes covered with Pantone color matching and waterproof protection. Available with Glow in the Dark ink too!

Woven Patches and Tags

Interlaced Weaving Process

Our Woven Patches & Woven Tags offer best of both worlds! Thread & Flexibility while maintaining the traditional look. We offer you our interlaced weaving process with intricate designs without the need of fabric. Available in up to 66 colors. We offer Woven Patches with backing options of low melt heat seal & pressure sensitive making the possibilities for applications endless! We’ve also got you covered with border choices between Merrow and Overlock. Alternatively, we have Woven Tags available for you without backing and borderless for your tag needs!

FlexStyle Signatures

FlexStyle® Signatures are preferred to traditional emblems because they are more innovative than traditional embroidery. The raised 3D effect allows for intricate detail with ability to select any color you'd like with metallic & non-metallic finishes. Clear finish also available. Match any type of garment style or color while providing durability and style. FlexStyle® Signatures are sure to turn heads!

World Emblem from Industrial Laundry, Sport Apparel to Streetwear

Embroidered Patches are created with high quality, colorfast polyester threads and fabrics made to withstand harsh industrial washing. Each patch can be dye-cut into custom shapes and sizes as well as several standard rectangular sizes.


As one of the world’s leading global suppliers of high quality decorations, World Emblem is proud to introduce our newest breakthrough product. FlexStyle® offers unparalleled flexibility, with heat-seal and pressure sensitive applications that give it the ability to adhere to a variety of surfaces.

ID Tape and Accessories

ID Tapes are heat fusible label tapes with a clean adhesive. They are suitable for in-house highspeed printing of the required indentification by means of a thermal printer using special ink ribbons. Suitable for commercial laundering. World Emblem's range of thermally printable, textile tape, offers identification solutions for a wide variery of applications.

Sublimated Patches

Full color, digitally printed patches that are both photorealistic and industrial wash capable. Like our embroidered emblems, Sublimated Patches have a merrow border sewn in your choice of thread color. They also come in a variety of standard and custom shapes and sizes.

Heat Presses

Decorating apparel is now easier with Heat Presses and accessories we have at your fingertips! Easily embellish your garments with FlexStyle®, embroidered emblems, Trimax Transfers, and much more.


Always seeking awesome talented players

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