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Same-day shipping is available on our variety of American flag stock designs.

A variety of American flag patches are stocked in-house and offered at discounted rates. So, before you place your customized orders, take a look at our current inventory. We may already have the design in stock without even incurring a set-up charge. For application settings and information, check out our Application Instructions.



Embroidered patches are designed to give the high quality look of direct embroidery without the commitment. These patches are removable emblems. They can be applied in-house which save both time and money on freight. With a thick merrow border, they allow you to easily sew onto apparel. 

•Industrial Heat Seal

Heat Seal: Since the product is applied with heat, it is not recommended for use on materials that may be heat sensitive (ex. some nylons, silk some plastics, leather, wool, fleece, etc.)

Machine wash inside-out using mild detergent. Patches with industrial heat seal backing will withstand 52 industrial wash cycles.

One year shelf life before applying (room temperature controlled environment).

Note: World Emblem encourages our clients to test applications of our products unto their garments. World Emblem is not responsible for damages resulting from washing and laundering of any product purchased.

Revised 03.23.21


1. Ensure the heat press is preheated.
2. Place the garment in the press. Make sure that the application location is wrinkle-free.
3. Place the patch onto the desired location on the garment. Thermal tape is optional.
4. Heat Seal with the settings shown below for either Low Melt Bottom Heat Press or Industrial Heat Press.
5. Remove the garment from the press and allow to cool.

1. Ensure the heat press is preheated.
2. Place the hat into the press and preheat for 25 seconds.
3. Place the patch on the hat in the desired location. Thermal tape is optional. 4. Press the patch on the hat with the settings shown below.
5. Remove the hat from the press and allow to cool.

DISCLAIMER: World Emblem recommends testing the best combination of heat seal parameters before application. World Emblem is not liable for any damages to garments during the application process.

NOTE: Please check out for step by step instructions for applying our apparel decorations.



Additional Information & Benefits

World Emblem also offers a Perfect Print® Sublimation System, allowing you the ability to manufacture your own emblems. Through a secure online catalog, you can produce emblems on-demand and at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing the production. The Perfect Print® Sublimation System includes a printer, software, templates, paper, ink and blanks.

NOTE: Please check out the World Emblem YouTube Channel for step by step instructions for applying our apparel decorations.

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