Full Color Heat Transfer

Get vibrant high-detail reproduction

Full Color Heat Transfers allow for a precise, detailed reproduction of your complex images even those with design elements like floating characters. Plus, there are no limitations on the amount of colors, including photographic images. Pre-cut transfers are made with a PVC-free water-based technology to minimize their ecological impact. Fully tested with no signs of cracking or peeling!

Suitable for all fabric types, with the exception of ones with waterproof coatings. They are not suitable for fabrics that will migrate. Tested to stand over 50 domestic wash cycles. Good stretch.

Dye Migration Preventer

Made to stop the color of the garment coming through the transfer. Suitable for all fabric types, with the exception of ones with waterproof coatings. Tested to stand over 50 domestic wash cycles. Good stretch.

Dye Migration Preventer (Soft Shell)
Made to block color migration from soft shell type garments to stop the spotty bleed associated with these items. These transfers have less stretch than our normal Dye Migration Preventor transfers and should be used on fabrics with no stretch. Tested to stand over 50 domestic wash cycles.
Suitable for most cap styles, with the exception of ones with waterproof coatings. Not suitable for fabric that will migrate. Will bridge the front seam of a 6-panel cap without cracking. 
Transfers are perfect for items that will not be washed. Suitable for a wide range of Umbrellas. This transfer has no stretch and it's not suitable for garments. 

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