FlexStyle® Domed

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For custom hat patches or emblems with a unique bubble effect, FlexStyle® Domed provides a shiny, 3D appearance with FlexStyle® technology. FlexStyle® Domed comes in metallic and non-metallic finishes, as well as opaque, satin, and chrome finishes.

With heat-seal and pressure-sensitive applications available, FlexStyle® Domed can be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as fabric, glass, wood, metal, plastic, and more.

Don’t forget your FlexStyle® Silicone Pad to protect the integrity of your FlexStyle® emblem!

Best For:

Fabric, Glass, Wood, Metal, Plastic


Emblem Size Limits

Area - 0.5" x 0.5" to 5.75" x 5.75"
- 2mm


  • Accepts RGB, CMYK, and Pantone color codes
  • Color match is only available for Pantone Coated color codes
  • Neon, glitter, and reflective colors are not available


  • Low melt heat seal
  • Pressure-sensitive


Low melt - Not recommended for use on materials that may be heat sensitive (ex: some nylons, silk, some plastics, leather, wool, fleece, etc.) or for weather-treated materials, due to chemicals used that do not allow the emblems to adhere properly.
Pressure-sensitive -
Recommended application is on flat, non-textured surfaces, including glass, plastic, wood, and metal. Not recommended for application on surfaces that may contain an oil finish, such as silicon, Teflon™, rough fabrics, or outdoor goods.

Electronic Proof

A digital sample via email is available in 48 hours. Edits are allowed.



Textures are predicated by each individual design and are typically shown on the background only. If product has textured area bigger than 50%, it becomes automatically FlexStyle® Flat.


Washing Information

FlexStyle® emblems will withstand at least 25 domestic washing machine cycles at 104°F max.

Shelf Life

One year shelf life before applying (room temperature-controlled environment).

Set-up Charges

One-time mold charge and artwork fee.

Note: World Emblem encourages our clients to test applications of our products onto their garments. World Emblem is not responsible for damages resulting from washing and laundering of any product purchased.

Revised 12.05.22

Application Instructions


  1. Use rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the application area
  2. Remove paper backing and press emblem firmly on desired location
  3. After applying pressure, peel the clear top carrier from the emblem

Low Melt Backing with a Top Heat Press - Garments

  1. Set the press at 355-365° F for top heat with 40-50 psi of pressure.
  2. Place garment on the heat press with the FlexStyle® Silicone Pad on top and press for 15-20 seconds to preheat the garment.
  3. Place the FlexStyle® on the garment in the desired location. Place the FlexStyle® Silicone Pad over the design.
  4. Press for 15-20 seconds.
  5. Remove the garment shirt from the heat press and remove the clear cover once cooled.

Low Melt Heat Seal on Hats - Using the 360 IQ™ Hat Heat Press

  1. Set the press at 275°-285° F for top heat and 315°- 320°F for bottom heat with 60-80 psi of pressure.
  2. Place the hat on the heat press, leaving out the inner layer of the cap. Use the adjustment lever for a better grip.
  3. Place the emblem on the desired location. To secure the emblem and prevent it from moving, use Thermal Tape.
  4. Place a FlexStyle® Silicone Pad over the design.
  5. Press for 15-18 seconds.
  6. Deactivate the adjustment lever and remove the hat from the heat press.
  7. Remove the Thermal Tape and the clear cover once the emblem has cooled.


World Emblem recommends testing the best combination of heat seal parameters before application. World Emblem is not liable for any damages to garments during the application process.

Note: Please check out for step-by-step instructions for applying our apparel decorations.

Pricing and Production Time


Using the drop-downs above, you can find the approximate price per item, based on the emblem size and quantity ordered.

To determine the size of your emblem, use the following formula:
Size = Width + Height / 2

Price Includes

  • All finishes
  • Heat seal or pressure-sensitive backing


  • 25% increase for Velcro backing

Electronic Proof

A digital sample via email is available in 48 hours. Edits are allowed.

Set-up Charges

One-time mold charge and artwork fees (includes up to 5 samples and overnight shipping).

  • Electronic Simulation: $25.00
  • Up to 4.00”: $150.00
  • 4.01 - 6.00”: $200.00

Production Time

Once the digital sample is approved, the mold is made in one day. Samples will take two days plus shipping. Production time will take five days plus shipping on an order of up to 500 pieces. Add one day per 500 pieces.

  • Step 1
    Easy Application

    Our patches can be applied in-house with low-melt heat seals - saving you time and money on shipping.

  • Step 2
    Online Proofs

    Review a digital proof shortly after submitting your design to avoid any design surprises.

  • Step 3
    Design Services

    Our design team is here to help. We offer a range of services to help you take your ideas from sketches to reality.

Make a Smooth Move with FlexStyle® Domed

The non-textured surface of FlexStyle® Domed offers custom made patches with a unique bubble effect, creating a smooth, 3D emblem on a variety of surfaces. Show pride for your sports team or promote your brand with a dimensional domed design.

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Application on Caps: FlexStyle® Domed
How to Apply FlexStyle® Domed

Our instructional videos walk you through proper product applications, equipping you with the knowledge you need to enhance your brand with FlexStyle® Domed.