Uniform emblems and patches help identified workers in every industry. Our custom emblems are tested through rigorous industrial laundering process to withstand 52 wash cycles – including heavy oil and bleach formula. We can create custom emblems for all your uniform needs.




There are significant benefits to using heat applied emblems to headwear. Quick turn-time, much cleaner process, and no damage to the headwear. We offer FlexStyle, Leather, Print Stitch, PV+, 3D Embroidered, Woven and much more.




We offer a wide variety of options for branding on promotional products. Most of our emblems come with heat-applied or pressure-sensitive adhesive. The options are endless, emblems can be applied to most fabrics. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is best used for hard goods. Using emblem is quick and easy way to add a logo to almost anything, elevating your brand. We also offer custom pens, name badges and stickers to complement your branding.




Emblems are an integral part of many sports uniforms. It represents pride and unity amongst team players. We can create custom emblems for every level of sports, from professional to school sport programs. Our option includes Flexstyle, Perfect Print Patches, Full Color Heat Transfers, Leather Patches and Embroidered Patches.




Fashion trends changes daily, incorporating emblems is a great option to keep up with modern styles. Custom emblems can easily be created online with our state of the arts ordering process, to our fast turn-time production facility. Our versatile application methods cover all types of apparel, from light weight fabric to heavier outerwear.




Show off your footwear with custom emblems and be one step ahead of the competition. Easily create unique designs for your footwear with our high-quality emblems. FlexStyle® come in five distinct styles and will elevate your footwear design to the highest level. Emblems are applied with heat sealed process to your blank good, turn time is incredibility fast. We offer a wide range of custom applications Leather, 3D Embroidery, Print Stitch and much more.