World Emblem Offers Hotronix® Heat Presses

World Emblem Offers Hotronix® Heat Presses

Hotronix® Heat Presses

A heat press is a great complement for anyone who is in the garment decorating business. World Emblem International strongly believe Hotronix® heat presses feature the world’s most innovative technology. This is why the company now offers them as part of their product line.

With the help of World Emblem’s new Hotronix heat press offering, businesses can install their own heat press and mass-produce their own decorated clothing items directly in-house. This saves significantly on transport and labor costs, improving their bottom line.

A heat press is a machine used to print a variety of heat transfers onto garments, hats, and more. Hotronix heat presses simplify and automate the process of heat application. Heat transfers can include Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), FlexStyle® emblems, Perfect Print Sublimated Patches®, Custom Embroidered Patches, Screen Printed Transfers, and more. A heat press is a great complement for anyone who is already in the garment decorating business and looking to expand, or someone who wants to start their own custom decorating business. This adds significant convenience for businesses that work with World Emblem for apparel decorations.

World Emblem offers 12 different heat press options, ranging from the Craft Press to the Air Fusion IQ™ model. The range spans functionality for nearly every apparel item imaginable, from hats and gloves to jackets and more. For example, the Craft Press model has a usable surface of 9 inches by 12 inches, weighs under 35 pounds, and is designed as a compact, basic choice for home crafters.

Hotronix Craft Press 9"x12" by World Emblem Hotronix Ball Press by World Emblem

In contrast, the Air Fusion IQ offers fully automated time settings, from preheating, to pressure application, to the final product application. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial or industrial use that must produce products at a high volume. Other Hotronix offerings include:

  • Dual Air Fusion IQ: This upgraded version of the Air Fusion IQ™ features two workspaces for twice the production value and includes laser functionality for added precision.
  • Fusion: The Fusion features both draw and swing modes for a wider variety of garment applications. Touch screen technology and dozens of pre-sets allow full automation with ease.
  • Sports Ball Press: This specialized press makes it simple to commemorate sports icons with team names, numbers, season years, and more. Its adjustable design allows it to accommodate a variety of icon types and sizes.
  • Hover Press: The Hover Press works both for curing and application, and its roomy 16-inch by 12-inch station makes it ideal for screen-printing shirts and other larger items.

All Hotronix machines are made in the U.S. World Emblem maintains a team of apparel decoration experts who are available to help interested buyers choose the Hotronix heat press that is the best option for their product and business needs. For more information about heat press options, contact World Emblem at  1-800-766-0448 or fill out our Contact Us form.

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