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World Emblem Releases New EdgeX

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Want to position your brand as a trendsetter in today’s market? World Emblem is proud to introduce EdgeX, our newest product offering. EdgeX has beveled edges for a sharper, more refined look.

Just like the rest of the FlexStyle family, EdgeX is offered in metallic and non-metallic options. This new product also offers unparalleled flexibility, with heat-seal and pressure sensitive applications to adhere to a variety of surfaces. FlexStyle is a premium alternative to traditional apparel decorations, such as custom embroidered patches.

Other FlexStyle products include DomeX, which features a 3D bubble effect. DecoX, on the other hand, uses dimensional color techniques to add detail and texture. EdgeX is an emblem with beveled edges for a sharper, more refined look. Currently this is our most durable design, and made specially for hard goods, hats, and heavy-duty garments, such as jackets. Like other FlexStyle products, EdgeX features:

  • Application: EdgeX can be applied permanently to different types of surfaces. Companies can choose between heat-seal or pressure-sensitive designs.
  • Availability: EdgeX comes in a variety of finishes, including metallic and matte.
  • Unparalleled detail: A 3D crafting process ensures eye-catching detail, so your decoration is seen and appreciated.

In short, EdgeX is ideal for companies seeking a premium product. The bevel adds structural integrity, while the rest of the crafting process ensures luxurious detail. Best of all, EdgeX is produced, shipped, and delivered with one of the fastest turn times on the market, giving you a competitive advantage.

World Emblem manufactures decorations that are longer-lasting and higher-quality than traditional designs, implementing features such as vivid colors and textures for a functional and attractive product. For more information about using EdgeX in your product line, contact World Emblem today.

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