Hands on Deck

At World Emblem, we strongly believe that community involvement plays an indispensable role in the career and lifestyle of our employees. Throughout the year our employees actually become ambassadors and volunteer within their local city or community or as part of a personal goal. These hours can be spent participating in activities that can help an individual, a family, or a larger group of people reach their goal.

We believe that this initiative compels us to shift from an inward focus to an outward one. With Hands On Deck, we develop a stronger sense of compassion, empathy, and personal responsibility. By making volunteerism a priority in our organization, we believe we are building a sturdier, more vibrant, and more connected organization. Thank you for taking the time to visit our Hands On Deck community page! We invite you to see what this initiative has in store for you.


The purpose of Hands On Deck is to ultimately empower employees. We want them to have opportunities that are meaningful, purposeful, and help others in need. This means we commit ourselves to corporate social responsibility by implementing volunteerism, fundraising, and other related activities.

“We’re the caretakers of brands. We brand the world, one emblem at a time. And it all starts from within. Our company culture is what makes us a successful brand and not just another company. We’ve built a solid team of A-players where all our thoughts, words, and actions are aligned. We genuinely care about what kind of life our people want to build so we can support them on their journey.” – Randy Carr, CEO


At World Emblem, there are two types of initiatives that an employee can actively participate in.

  • Corporate-Sponsored programs. These strategic programs are company-sponsored and funded. Check back to see which opportunities World Emblem has to offer!
  • Personal-Interest programs. These initiatives are chosen by our employees. All you have to do is submit your program for approval, along with your Volunteer Time Off Request Form to receive up to two (2) days of paid leave per fiscal year to carry out work for the good of the community. Employee must be in good standing and complete requirements prior to time being approved.


World Emblem International encourages employees to lend their voluntary support to programs that leave a positive impact.

  • OUR VISIONFor World Emblem employees to become caretakers of their communities, and change the world one helping hand at a time.
  • OUR MISSIONTo empower employees by promoting educational and engagement opportunities within the communities we serve.