Product Support

Can I send my own garments to be embellished?

Client supplied garments are always welcome at World Emblem. Please contact Client Services at 1-800-766-0448 to place your order through one of our representatives or you can place the CSG yourself, if you need guidance, please visit our Catalog Training page to watch a tutorial. The packages may be shipped to us directly from your vendor or from your current location. Our Client Services Representatives will also supply a Customer Supplied Garment (CSG) number for you to place on the outside of the box. This information will allow us to match your order with your box of incoming garments so they can be quickly moved to production

How do I learn which product is best for my project?

In order for you to find the ideal product, we have created a comparison chart of all our products so you can find the features you're looking forward to having and make sure we can bring out the best out of your embellishment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to have more information


What are the diferences between your backings?

We offer different types of backing for our products. Depending on where you're applying your patches, is the type of backing that will be needed, here you'll find the characteristics of each backing option that we offer. To see the application setting of each product please visit the specific product page.



Sticker-like backing, ideal for hard goods and flat surfaces. This adhesive is perfect for customizing drinkware, notebooks, laptops, plastic coolers, etc. It works on almost any flat surface, all you have to do is select a clean and flat area, apply it, and press firmly.


Strong adhesion backing that withstands up to 25 domestic washing cycles. This type of backing is ideal for a wide variety of fabrics, making it a perfect choice for garments and hats. Low melt backing works best on fabrics that are sensitive to high temperatures and garments that don't require industrial laundry.


Strong adhesion backing that requires industrial heat press for application. This adhesive withstands industrial washes and it works on garments that resist high temperatures. If your garments are going to be industrially washed, this is defenitely your best choice