LIDS Features FlexStyle Signatures on Hats

LIDS, with roughly $166 million in sales, is the pre-eminent hat retailer in the U.S. They are a prime go-to for a wide selection of team hats across different sports, such as baseball, football, hockey, and more. With over 1,000 stores, customers have the convenience of visiting a nearby LIDS to find a hat that promotes their favorite teams.

As a leading hat retailer, LIDS is always searching for new ways to better serve customers. In fact, LIDS offers more than hats. They also offer on-site customization, which now includes FlexStyle signatures.


FlexStyle Signatures: The Latest Innovation

FlexStyle emblems are a great way to “raise the brand”, literally. FlexStyle provides supreme detail, durability, and color. The metallic finish adds an unmatched style to traditional emblems.

LIDS chose to work with World Emblem because FlexStyle signatures are the next step in fandom. Not only are they permanent, but their 3-D nature allows them to easily stand out. Hats are perfect for FlexStyle signatures as they are a great way to personalize representation of favorite teams and players.

FlexStyle signatures are preferred to traditional emblems because they are more innovative than traditional embroidery. It’s easy to see why customers love these decorations. The raised texture allows for intricate detail. The metallic and non-metallic finishes will match any type of hat style or color. It provides an intersection of durability and style. With opaque, satin, and chrome finishes, customers’ FlexStyle signatures are sure to turn heads.

How LIDS Applies FlexStyle “Signature” Emblems on Hats

On-site customization sets LIDS apart within their market, and this is no different. LIDS uses a heat press to apply the signatures. These machines combine heat and pressure to affix each signature. It only takes a matter of minutes.

The following are signatures are available at your local LIDS store:

  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Los Angeles Angels
  • New York Yankees
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Vegas Golden Knights

In addition to offering FlexStyle signatures, World Emblem is an innovative decoration company that offers patches and embroidery for clothing and accessories. Much like LIDS goes above and beyond to serve customers and improve the overall customer experience, World Emblem takes a similar approach through innovation. The development of FlexStyle helps brands stand out and provide clients with a competitive edge.

By working with LIDS to provide a “winning” customer experience with FlexStyle, World Emblem helps LIDS to better serve their customers while also further enhancing the LIDS brand. Regardless of business, brand or industry, World Emblem helps brands stand out and ensure that their first impressions are great ones.

Get Your Hat “Signed” Today

Sports fans love purchasing accessories and memorabilia of their favorite teams. Hats are a key component of sportswear, and fans know the best place to find a hat is LIDS. Getting a FlexStyle signature of a fan’s favorite player is the ultimate way to root for a favorite team.

For more information about FlexStyle and how to raise your brand, visit

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